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19 January 2009 @ 12:27 am
*geek face*  
I finished Fable 2 on Friday!

The basic gist of it- you're a orphan with your sister, you buy a magic music box and wish to go live in a castle. Crazt Lord Lucien invites you over (amazingly, he is not a pedo), makes you two stand in a circle, and shoots your sister because he thinks she's a Hero. Then he shoots you, you survive, and swear revenge on his creepy ass. Pretty basic.

The awesome thing about the game is that your choices effect everything. In the begining, you have a choice between giving some warrents to the Guard or to Arfur, a crimenal. If you give it to the Guard the city become beautiful and prosperus, if you give it to Arfur the city turns into a ghetto, filled with hookers and assasins. All of the choices aren't quite as obvious- in one of the quests you're sent buy a ghost to break the heart of a person named Alex. If you choose to give Alex the rejection letter they kill themselves, if you chose to tear it up you get money and renown for marrying them. I could go on forever about it but let's just just say it's supremely awesome.

The ending...left something to be desired. Alright it was pretty shit. All you do is press A? No combos? No epic fight scenes? THE FUCK? And is it lame that I got a bit teary eye'd when Lucien tells you he killed your family and then shoots your dog? HE SHOT YOUR DOGGIE, YOU GUYS, IF THAT'S NOT SAD I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. ;_______; And was it me or was Reaver a complete and total doucher? Hammer was awesome, Garth was cool too, and Theresa, but Reaver? I wanted to shoot him in the nuts. Fucker.
Day Four of my Awesome Improptu Five Day Weekend- Thursday was so cold I was allowed to stay home, Friday was a Snow Day, and tomorrow is MLK day. AND on Tuesday we aren't doing any work because of the Inauguration, AND I get to see my sister who I haven't seen since December! FUCK YEAH! I will spend tomorrow downloading a brand new library of music, because I feel like I've listened to everything I have fifty times already. Woe.

I've talked to Courtney almost every night since Thursday, since she told me her and her girlfriend were talking a break, and all the conversations have been at least a half an hour or more. Which is amazing, because I am not a huge talker? I've used half on my nighttime minutes of her and her alone, just to hear her talk about her girlfriend and how much she misses her and how she's going out with another girl next weekend and I am a fucking masochist when it comes to this shit, aren't i? ;___;

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